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Our time seems to me precious I recommend momentous care

Measure twice cut once

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Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man     who woke up

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All of my reactions are an entirely rational response to a completely crazy world

Hello, welcome to my crazy disorganized world, spend as long as  you like. Think of this I guess as a comfy armchair for your mind, squirm about, toss the cushions onto the floor, join an astonishing 120000 visitors, across now some five years, who came, and who stayed a while.

Pull up your feet and make yourself at home, 'Me Casa su Casa'.... Oh and if you leave with even an iota more than you arrived with, then  I think we are both growing from this moment of union..... Much more inside including information about four books in print, including the brand new 'Wise Hermione' the recently published 'parable of responsibility' commentators have observed as 'a tale for our times'


May the universe treat you well


Warmly David

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For all his bluster it is the sad triumph of man that he cannot choose his destiny, only how he will face it

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Watch out for the Ricochet

I am learning about the benefits of predictive information, that gauge of what is likely from the significant people around us that gives the mental security we seem to crave.


I also  learn that people don't always do what we predict, and so like a gunslinger you cannot always be sure;  so I do advise




For in there deeply hid, and yet still in plain sight, lifes full meaning waits

All hope abandon ye who enter here - Dante Alighieri


In Dante's Divine Comedy the first portal is the journey through ten realms of Hell. Inferno ...  Where the poet and Virgil his guide discover the sins of the human self. And at the end of all it is betrayal that sits at the root.


Philosophy class this week discussed  Bhagavad Gita and the three energies Satvvic Rajassic and Tamasic - the three Guna. We learn to see the way to harmonize our energy and so address in some part  Plato and how to live as a just person and so not bow to the Tyranny within


Six Tyrants exist within each one of us Plato suggested: anger, fear, jealousy, desire, pleasure, and pain. And so to immerse in any or all unconsciously I think Plato suggested was a betrayal of the self, and more an imbalance to the proper way of the Guna as Prince Krishna shared in The Bhagavad Gita


And though Dante and Plato and Krishna lived many centuries and many physical and cultural miles apart


Life is hard because it is meant to be, our betrayal is in deliberately making it harder, harmony semingly is found in the balance between enlightened choice (Satvvic). embracing action (Rajassic) with regulation and order (Tamasic)


Epictetus - Either God wants to abolish evil and cannot, or he can and does not want to ....... Tis all just my thinking