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Freedom to Think



I think I mostly get out of it because I am so afraid of being in it (life) ...

Drink and a smoke, a bit of a natter
the pitter patter of cocktail chatter.
Rum and coke, laugh and joke,
wine or shandy, we all feel dandy.
Lots to say, cocky and fun,
place fillin up the evenings begun.
I like a drink, it's quite true to say,
I like to share my thoughts at end of the day.
I like to look nice holdin fun in a glass,
Don't ever remember fallin on my ass.
In my sexy dress I look pretty curvy,
another little drink and I feel a bit swervy.
He has nice eyes, I can see two or three
I'm sure that he's nice cos he's talkin to me.
Truth to be told if he's talkin I feel tops,
Don't like me very much without a drink, full stop.
It's dark and it's late and the drink wore me down
knickers round my knees lying on the ground,
I wish that I didn't, kid myself its all good
drink in my ruin, dyin where I'm stood.
Booze is my poison, I give it my power,
my weakness, my fear, my nightly happy hour.
There is a way out, they say it's hard and lonely,
twelve steps to freedom, need help, if only.
To wake up one day and not need my friend,
the numbness, the dumbness,
that least friendly friend,
that one who will get me,
when I can no longer pretend.....
David 24th Aug 13

The best thing I have ever read in my journey to understand drinking was written by Hans Fallada, a German author who wrote this book in code whilst in an insane asylum in Nazi Germany