Freedom to Think

Adverse Camber


An eye for information

Or an eye for intuition

Which do you believe

Science or religion


The poster above the door

Says Fred Bear appears tonight

Yet half the crowd it seems

Are thread bare and not quite right


A canoe is not a hard ship

Lest you row against the tide

So just turn your hardship round

And the world will come on side


The clip clop clop of Drayman’s horse

under wool blanket eating oats

The other feeling for his oats

under stars and petty coats


Severance from pain and learning

Avoidance and me thinks yearning

Pale moon under thin dark sky

Hard rain to follow t'won’t pass you by


The paradigm of complexity

is as simple as you let it be

Wordsmiths can only play

at the hardship of your ministry


Do your best with the adverse camber

the changing traffic lights, red green and amber

To enjoy strange contradiction, this life we embrace

This aspiration to better, to finding a happier place


I think perhaps it’s here and now

If I pull the dusty curtains wide

If I leave down all my heritage

And let love be my guide

Journeys of Jackman ..The wanderings, musings, learning and thoughts from one man who woke up


David Jackman

Feb 2014

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